About The Event

Global Marketing Conference (GMCON) Presents The Future of Digital Marketing 2020 in London. This conference is for entrepreneurs and marketers like you who want to be prepared for the future of digital marketing.
We are bringing industry experts to not only give you their experience but roadmap of what exactly you should do to be successful in taking your company forward plus avoid mistakes.

This is the only conference that covers all the pillars of digital marketing and discusses the future with a clear path to be followed and we have empirical experience of speakers.


Foyer Cinema, South Bank London, UK


9th June, 2020


Drawing world's marketing leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe.

To Understand the future of digital marketing at this event and become the master of digital marketing by avoiding pitfalls.

To make yourself your own boss. To prepare you for what’s comingin 2020, be it smart bidding, voice marketing or personalization.


Making future changes in marketing simple for entrepreneurs like you.

Business owners and Techies will get to network with great minds and will return with practical and novel tips about digital marketing future.

It will also combine many networking opportunities with hands-on sessions, Q&A panels and multiple tracks and sessions per subject. It is recommended for all
digital marketers as it provides all the information, education, tools and inspiration you need in order to grow your business.

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Conference Schedule

  • Part 1 - Morning

  • Part 2- Afternoon

  • Part 3 Evening

Our Speakers

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